Community Project

A community committed orchestra.

The OSV is an orchestra committed to its community. We understand music and cultura as tools for the transformation and improvement of society.
This is why we as musicians take our role as enablers of this transformation and our committment to the projects and  bodies with whom we collaborate very seriously.

What do we do?

We design and promote sociocultural  participatory initiatives with a wide range of collectives: students, penitenciary centres, young people at risk of exclusión, old people, among others.
We develop the field of traditional performance by undertaking  workshop and sessions where music and musicians work for the needs of  the community.
We collaborate with bodies in the  social sphere and with foundations by offering them space and visibility at our concerts and public addresses.
We organise participatory concerts in which we contribute to the participation and democratisation of cultural experience.

Who are our partners?

Fundació La Caixa
Hospital Sant joan de Déu
Fundació Vicente Ferrer
Pallassos dende Fronteres
Apropa Cultura
Centres Penitenciaris
Acció contra la Fam

Fundació La Pedrera
Casals de gent gran i Centrs Cívics de Sabadell
Banc d'Aliments

How can we help?

By developping your projects together.
By designing proposals directed towards needs solving.
By co-financing our projects.
By sharing mutual visibility.

More information

Cristina López Projects
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Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès (OSV) is an artistic company run from a cooperative model devoted to serve its surrounding community.

Therefore, our project has this triple dimension: artistic, social and enterprising.

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