August 2020
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Jane Birkin sings Birkin Gainsbourg Symphonic

Artistic profile

Jane Birkin cantant

James Ross director

Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès

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Jane Birkin sings Birkin Gainsbourg Symphonic

The myth and the ritual

The myth is the heady breathlessness. It is a native English tongue wrestling with the Gallic word. It is a fight between the sheets in Blow Up. It is an unbeatable fringe, a dirty look and half-closed lips. It is a clotheshorse on which any old rag looks like haute couture. It is a Hermès handbag. It is an “I do” from the composer John Barry to the cinema director Jacques Doillon and very specially, to Serge Gainsbourg. And that’s the myth. Now for the ritual: Birkin / Gainsbourg: Le Symphonique is the homage that Jane Birkin pays to the man with whom she celebrated that erotic year and which explains the romantic life of Melody Nelson. This still today makes her dance to la javanaise and sing about l’amour and about l’anamour. Accompanied by the Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès, this repertoire will come to life in this exhilarating and unique live performance.

Birkin / Gainsbourg: Le Symphonique (Parlophone, 2017)


Performance dates

  • Jane Birkin sings Birkin Gainsbourg Symphonic

    Stage Seat. Fòrum Barcelona
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